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4,650 EGP
12,050 EGP

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Fifth Neighborhood 6,000 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood - West 5,750 EGP /M²
New Heliopolis 5,250 EGP /M²
Seventh Zone 5,200 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood - West 5,150 EGP /M²
Ninth Neighborhood 5,150 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 5,100 EGP /M²
First Zone 5,100 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood - East 5,050 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 4,850 EGP /M²
Mostakbal Housing 4,850 EGP /M²
Fourth Neighborhood 4,800 EGP /M²
Sixth Neighborhood 4,800 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood - East 4,550 EGP /M²
Eighth Zone 4,550 EGP /M²
Ninth Zone 4,500 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood - East 4,300 EGP /M²
Second Zone 4,300 EGP /M²
Fourth Zone 4,250 EGP /M²
Third Zone 4,200 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood - West 4,150 EGP /M²
Fifth Zone 4,100 EGP /M²
Youth Housing 63m 4,100 EGP /M²
Youth Housing 70m 4,100 EGP /M²
Sixth Zone 4,000 EGP /M²
Youth Housing 100m 4,000 EGP /M²
Family Housing 3,850 EGP /M²
Investment Housing 3,650 EGP /M²
El Nakheel 750 EGP /M²
Neighborhood Villas Average price per meter
New Heliopolis 18,250 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood - West 10,400 EGP /M²
Fifth Neighborhood 10,350 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 10,150 EGP /M²
El Nakheel 10,050 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood - East 9,300 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood - East 9,150 EGP /M²
Ninth Neighborhood 8,950 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood - West 7,450 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood - East 7,250 EGP /M²
Fourth Neighborhood 7,200 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 7,000 EGP /M²
Sixth Neighborhood 6,000 EGP /M²
Fourth Zone 5,150 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood - West 4,700 EGP /M²
Fifth Zone 3,950 EGP /M²


Demand level

(Very High)


Price change in 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months

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One of Cairo’s newer cities, located at the North East, at Kilo 37 on Cairo–Ismailia road, and it extends to Cairo–Sues road. El Sherouk is known for its calmness, fresher air, green areas, distinct urban planning, and distance from population density. One of its major imperfections are the unfinished roads, the lack of upper scale services, and the limited night-lights in some streets. Sherouk offers different residential levels: Economic, Middle, Upper-Middle, Upscale, and Luxury housing; however the majority is Middle and Upper-Middle housing. Its key landmarks are: British University, French University, and Heliopolis Sports club. The city location make it easy to access using different entrances on Cairo-Sues road or Cairo–Ismailia road, but public transportation to the city is limited.

New Cairo - Fifth Settlement - Tagamoa

New Cairo - Fifth Settlement - Tagamoa

  • 9,350 EGP
  • Average price per meter
El Oubour

El Oubour

  • 4,600 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Rehab & Madinaty

Rehab & Madinaty

  • 12,450 EGP
  • Average price per meter