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9,300 EGP
16,450 EGP

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Fourth Neighborhood 13,050 EGP /M²
El Thawra El Khadraa 9,050 EGP /M²
Fourteenth Neighborhood 8,800 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 7,850 EGP /M²
Twelfth Neighborhood 7,700 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 7,650 EGP /M²
Fifth Neighbourhood 7,550 EGP /M²
Tenth Neighborhood 7,100 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood 6,950 EGP /M²
Ninth Neighborhood 6,800 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood 6,650 EGP /M²
Thirteenth Neighborhood 6,050 EGP /M²
Sixteenth Neighborhood 5,950 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood 5,500 EGP /M²
Eleventh Neighborhood 5,000 EGP /M²
Neighborhood Villas Average price per meter
First Neighborhood 23,550 EGP /M²
Fourth Neighborhood 13,350 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 12,600 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 12,350 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood 11,900 EGP /M²
El Thawra El Khadraa 11,650 EGP /M²
Sixteenth Neighborhood 10,800 EGP /M²
Ninth Neighborhood 9,950 EGP /M²
Tenth Neighborhood 6,300 EGP /M²


Demand level

(Very High)


Price change in 12 months


Demand level



Price change in 12 months

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One of Giza governorate newer cities that was built in 1995 using a grant from Abu Dhabi Fund for Development. Sheikh Zayed is close to 6 October city, and about 28 km from Cairo. The city is known for its quietness, green areas, and moderate temperatures when compared to Cairo. Sheikh Zayed is an upscale integrated city with schools, hospitals, markets, and well planned neighborhoods that offer a calm lifestyle away from the bustle of Cairo. Access to the city is limited to the heavy traffic 26 July Axis road. El Sheikh Zayed offers a variety of residential levels: Economic, Middle, Upper-Middle, Upscale, and Luxury housing, but the majority of the city offering is Upscale housing units. Key landmarks in the city are Hyper One and Nile University. It is relatively easy to access the city by driving using 26 July axis, and from 6 October; however public transportation within the city is limited.

6th of October

6th of October

  • 5,550 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Hadayek El Ahram

Hadayek El Ahram

  • 3,650 EGP
  • Average price per meter