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Marassi| Apartment 229m For Sale in a Premium compound looking over the sea

North Coast

Listing ID EG-821132
Price 12,690,887 EGP
Price Per Meter 55,419 EGP
Publish Date 09/09/2017
Property Type Apartment
Size (in meters) 229 M²
Seller Role Developer
View Nile/Seaview
Payment Method Installments
الغرف 3
الطابق 3
الحمامات 3
سنة البناء 2016
نوع التشطيب EXTRA_SUPER_LUX


Stretching along a coastline of enchanting tranquility, Marassi provides a haven from the world. A hundred and twenty-five kilometers west of Alexandria; and a few miles from historic El Alamein, Marassi is linked to Egypt, Europe, and the Middle East. This lively Mediterranean destination enthralls with its Exclusivity and culture, offering invigorating outdoor pleasures and a life of luxury. It’s inspiration for the heart and soul. It’s truly somewhere else.
Marassi's on solid footsteps to become an international destination attracting tourists from around the globe and ready to take its place as one of the world’s renowned International Marinas listed below


  • Walking promenade
  • Boutique hotel
  • 40,000 sqm of world-class shopping
  • Exclusive retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Beach Clubhouse
  • Emporium

Payment Facilities:

  • 1st deposit 5%
  • 2nd deposit 10%
  • The rest of installments that can reach 6 years.


Sidi Abdelrahman /Marrasi/ Marina Residence Village

12,690,887 EGP