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Clinic 112m For Sale Fully Finished In Attractive Location In New Cairo

Establishment date 2020
View Main Street
Listing ID EG-2195037
Price 4,552,800 EGP
Price Per Meter 40,650 EGP
Seller Role Developer
Payment Method Cash or Installments

Project Details:

  • The largest integrated health care area in New Cairo with a total land area of 17829 m2.
  • This huge project is located in the neighborhood of daffodils Service Center Buildings - Fifth Avenue, where this region is considered one of the most Fifth Avenue’s most densely populated.

Project Description:

  • 2 basements (Parking Area)
  • 2 levels Commercial Floors
  • Ground Floor
  • First Floor
  • Second Floor

  • The project consists of four buildings Medical: contains medical clinics three buildings (spaces starting from 37 m 2) and specialized medical centers and laboratory tests and radiology centers and a number 2 pharmacy.
  • In addition to the fourth building is a full service hospital.
  • And mediates the four buildings area restaurants and cafes (Food Court).

Type of Units:

  • Medical Clinics - Specialized Medical Centers -Test Laboratories - Radiology Centers - Pharmacies.
  • A full service hospital.
  • Note: these are our standard units, we can edit units as Customers’ needs.


  • Medical Elevators
  • Security system
  • Maintenance
  • Internet (WIFI)
  • Food Court & Cafes
  • Integrated management of the building
  • Online reservation
  • Kids Waiting area
  • Public Waiting Area
  • Fire Alert System
  • Paint Anti-Bacterial
  • Gym & Spa
  • Hygiene ongoing
  • Parking

Payment Facilities:

  • For Clinics:
  • 10% Down payment & Installment up to 42 months
  • 20% Down payment & Installment up to 60 months
  • 30% Down payment & Installment up to 72 months

  • For Commercial & Medical Centers:
  • 25% Down Payment & Installment up to 4 years


Services Area Narges Buildings - 5th Compound - Near to Fatima Sharbatly Mosque
10 mins away from ARABILA
6 mins away from GUC
11 mins away from MOON VALLEY
7 mins away from LAKE VIEW

Clinic 112m For Sale Fully Finished In Attractive Location In New Cairo