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Villas for sale in Sohag

In Sohag governorate you can find villas for sale in Sohag, villas for sale in New Sohag, and villas for sale in Akhmim.

Akhmim, which is the largest town, located on the eastern side of the Nile in Upper Egypt, it's one of the most famous cities of Sohag. The city has two Coptic churches and several mosques, 6 kilometers north the city lies the Monastery of the Martyrs. On the west bank of the Nile, you can find the railway that connects Sohag with Aswan.

Before buying a villa in Sohag you need enough time to decide after knowing all the details about the location, and the services you would like to find around you like schools, hospitals, banks and any other details regarding the environment or the surroundings.

You can also find Villas for sale in Girga, which is famous for industries of the people of Girga including pottery and sugar manufacturing. El-Sini Monastery in Girga is said to be the oldest Roman Catholic monastery ever built. It is unknown if Girga is linked to the ancient Egyptian village Birba which doesn't have a distinct location until now in history, but around the city, there are a few touristic sites.