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Apartment For Sale in Ninth Neighborhoods

Ninth Neighborhoods, El Oubour

Listing ID EG-1374411
Price 1,300,000 EGP
Price Per Meter 6,500 EGP
Publish Date 14/11/2017
Property Type Apartment
Size (in meters) 200 M²
Seller Role Property Owner
View Garden
Payment Method Cash
الغرف 3
الطابق 1
الحمامات 2
سنة البناء 2015
نوع التشطيب EXTRA_SUPER_LUX

Extra super lux Apartment in Ninth Neighborhoods with size 200 M² تطل على Garden Extra super lux, first floor, three rooms, two baths


Price change in 12 months


Demand level

100% (Very High)

Average price per meter


1,300,000 EGP