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El Bitash, an Elegant Chic Neighborhood in the heart of Al Agami

Away from the packed Alexandrian streets, Al Agami stands there on the west of Alexandria with a calm and chic ambiance. It’s one of the most popular vacation destinations for both local residents and tourists.

Al Agami was considered as a semi-compound for the upper-class families in the past, and then it is turned into a vacation destination for Egyptians and for tourists in other countries. It features soft sands and turquoise water that adds more to the significant sea view. Al Agami has a number of famous neighborhoods, including, Abu Yusuf, Al Nakheel, Dekhela, Sidi Kreir, El Bitash, and Al Hanoville.

El Bitash is located in the west, 20 kilometers away from the center of Alexandria. It features many amazing streets, including Bianchi, Al Bakawat, Al Bashawat, Al Hanafiya Street, Shahr El A’sal, and Darwish Pasha. Those areas are known for their elegant and chic buildings and residential units.

It also features a number of advantages, which make an ideal vacation destination that caters to everyone’s needs and budgets. You may choose to buy one of the available apartments for sale in El Bitash whether for the living or for future investment.

The prices of apartments for sale in El Bitash are ranging from 260,000 up to 5,000,000 EGP.