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Villas for Rent in Damanhour

Although the population of Damanhour is about 280,000 inhabitants, it still has a lot of residential units for rent. As the city witnesses many investment opportunities and development projects. Most of which are modern apartments and villas to offer its residents a contemporary lifestyle. Villas for rent in Damanhour are a high demand due to its affordable rental rates compared to other places. You can rent a villa with a spacious area and private garden with price starts from 600 EGP per month. They are available in an array of areas to fulfil all the different needs and demands.

In addition, there are many villas available for rent in Beheira, which definitely provide a multiple varieties of choices for different categories of people. For example, a duplex villa for rent is one of the most required types amongst them all, then come seafront villas, and villas for rent in downtown Damanhour or in Kafr Al Dawwar, or in Rashid.

Villas for rent in Damanhour City make the perfect home for young families with its modern designs and cozy lifestyle. By renting one of those villas you will be close to a number of entertainment choices, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants, which allow you to have great times with family and friends.