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Apartments for rent in Monufia

If you want apartments for rent in Monufia, apartments for rent in Shibin El Kom and apartments for rent in Sadat City will be the most perfect choice available as the two cities will have the biggest number of apartments available for rent.

Getting back to the history of the governorate, in 1826 Mohammed Ali made Shibin El Kom the capital instead of Menouf. Since then there were  a number of changes that were made to the borders or the cities. El Shohada became an administrative division in 1942 including parts from Shibin El Kom and Tala. Also in 1955 five villages were taken from Tala and given to Tanta. Sadat-City was considered a part of Monufia governorate in 1991 becoming the first part of the governorate on the west of Rosetta branch.

As for agriculture, Monufia is famous for a number of crops including cotton, maize and wheat. Also potatoes and green beans represent a big share of the exported crops from Monufia governorate. The agricultural land is irrigated by the Nile water from Rosetta and Damietta branches and most of the people are working in the agriculture that is the reason of the large number of population in this fertile land.