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New Cairo...Where to live ?

What do you need to know about New Cairo? what is the potential neighbourhood for you to move to ? find answers that you need here below


New Cairo is one of the biggest and most sophisticated neighborhoods in Greater Cairo. It is located east of Cairo, and it includes many residential areas; most notably Fifth Settlement, First Settlement, and Third Settlement which are among the first areas to be populated. Continuously being developed, New Cairo has emerged in the recent years offering an alternative lifestyle to that of the overcrowded cities.


Good to know about New Cairo:

It is common to call New Cairo “The Fifth Settlement”; however, the reality is that the Fifth Settlement represents only a very small area inside New Cairo. The city is very well planned in Egyptian standards; however, many people complain that the city is already getting crowded specially around the 90th road which is the central hub of New Cairo.


Because of its elevation and the fact that it is not as congested as Cairo, New Cairo enjoys a much cooler weather. New Cairo is mostly calm with low population density, and it contains a number of private universities and schools. Some roads are still unpaved in the newer areas but they are expected to be finished soon.


Drawbacks of living in New Cairo:

One of the drawbacks of New Cairo is the outrageous property prices which are mostly fueled by high demand. The majority of New Cairo neighborhoods offer upscale and luxury level housing; however, there are still several areas that offer middle and upper-middle levels of housing, and areas like Third Settlement has pockets of economic housing offerings.

Another drawback of New Cairo, is the high demand on properties around there which make it a little bit of overrated in prices in some areas.


Landmarks of New Cairo:

New Cairo key landmarks are Police Academy, Cairo Festival City, Downtown Mall, American University in Cairo and the Air Force hospital.


How to reach New Cairo?:

The city can be easily reached by driving as it's surrounded by Ring road, Sues road, and Sokhna road. Public transportation to New Cairo is limited, and within the city, it is almost non-existent. The 90th road is an exception and it remains highly serviced due to its heavy commercial activity.


Prices in New Cairo:

Prices are the most important information that you need to know when trying to move to a new neigbourhood



, when setting your budget to buy in New Cairo and move into it. So here is the information you need about New Cairo:

The Prices change in New Cairo in the last 12 month is about 13.67% in apartments, yet the demand level is 100 % for people who want to buy or rent in New Cairo, and about 24.95%% of people who seek to rent or buy villas. 

The average prices/meter for apartments is 5,700 L.E for apartments and 12,200  L.E for Villas.



Notice that there are neighborhoods inside New Cairo at which the average price reach to 7,000 L.E /meter.

To be mentioned New Cairo has an overall rating of 9.8 (out of 10), and rating for social status of 9,7


Neighborhoods inside New Cairo:

New Cairo consists of Many neighbourhoods, including the most luxurious places, and the medium ones.

1- El Banafsag: 

DSC01834.jpg DSC01809.jpg

El Banafsag is one of the vital neighborhoods inside New Cairo, and it can be reached via the 90th street. El Banafsag is divided into several districts, some offer villas exclusively and others offer apartments. The villas area is divided to 12 districts, and they all can be reached through 90th street or Ring Road from Police Academy area. The City Authority is has taken special care for the public services across all areas in El Banafsag, subsequently, services are adequate in most districts. El Banafsag offers mostly upper middle housing, with some areas offering luxury villas. 



DSC02154.jpg DSC02136.jpg

Lotus is a newer neighborhood that is being developed in New Cairo, and it can be reached via the 90th street. Lots

is strategically located directly in front of the American University in Cairo, and services around the neighborhood are adequate. Lotus is divided into two districts: Northern and Southern Lotus. Southern Lotus is preferred due to its close proximity to AUC, which is concerned a magnet for luxury housing in New Cairo. Northern Lotus is divided into five areas, from One to Five; Southern Lotus is divided into six districts, from Six to Eleven. Lotus inhabitants have access to four social and sports clubs like Royal, Platinum, New Cairo, Aviation, and the newly developed Wadi Degla club. 

3-Northern Investors:

The  private real estate developers who established a variety of gated residential compounds that offer mostly luxury and upper middle housing communities. Some of the most famous compounds in Norther Investors are: El Patio, Hayati residence, The Water Way, Sunset, Ashrafya, Bellagio, and Hayat Heights.investors district is famed by its close proximity to Rehab City, as it lies off Sadat axis near Sues Road. It is mostly dedicated toNorthern



4-Southern Investors:

Southern Investors lies between South 90th Road (Najeb Axis. The neighborhood mostly consists of gated residential compounds that offer luxury and upper middle housing, and the area witnesses growing demand due to its close proximity to AUC. Some of the most famous compounds in Souther Investors includes: Midtown, La Mirada, Regents Park, Eastown, Akoya, Concord, Moon Valley, Dorra, The Villa and others. There are some projects that offer middle housing in compounds and outside compounds. The area is famed by the presence of Zohour club, Concord Mall, and the recently launched Point 90 Mall. Tes’een), Gamal Abdel Nasser axis and Mohamed




5-El Narges

El Narges district is one of the famous and important neighborhoods in New Cairo due to its close proximity to the Fifth Settlement (Tagamoa). El Narges is close to Fatma Sharbatly mosque which is a famous landmark that distinguishes the area. Like most areas in New Cairo El Narges is divided into buildings areas that consist of ground and four floors, and villas areas that consist of ground and two floors. El Narges has eight districts. Most of the housing in El Narges is a luxury and upper middle; the services level in the area is good. 






Aqarmap has recently released a complete real estate guide for every neighborhood in Greater Cairo that provides a lot of helpful information like overall rating, demand level of properties in this area and the average price per meter. This guide allows consumers to learn about the potential neighborhoods where they plan to purchase or rent a property. Consumers can also ask questions and interact with the current and potential residents of every community and this community interaction usually helps the consumers build a complete picture to know what to expect when they move into their new home.